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Advanced Solutions In Technology, LLC Computer, PC, Laptop, Smartphone, Tablet Repair and Data Backup and Recovery Services.

We no longer offer any services.

Advanced Solutions In Technology Cracked Screen Repair
With over 10 years of experience, we are the premier providers of computer repair and IT consultation and tech services. We can fix your PC, Notebook, Laptop, or many other kinds of software and hardware. Our goal is to provide you the very best in solutions to your technology needs. Our service area is Waupun, WI and the surrounding areas.  This includes Beaver Dam, Brandon, Brownsville, Fond du Lac, Fox Lake, and any other nearby towns.

If you want to donate your computer to a charity, look into our free Donations service.

Our rate for labor is $40 per hour billed in 15 minute increments.

Below is an example of the expected cost of some common services we offer:


Not all hardware is kept in stock and there will be at least 3 business day lead time to order some hardware. Hardware can not be sold unless it is needed to repair or upgrade a computer. All (if any) warranties on hardware will be provided by the manufacturer.  Labor is not included in manufacturer warranty. 

We can help you shop for hardware for personal use which includes consultation on which hardware will best fit your needs for a fee of $10.00 per hour billed in 15 minute increments.
Feel free to bring in your own hardware for us to install!

 -Replace Screen or Battery of Mobile Device, Smart-phone, or Tablet. Due to the increasing price of replacement parts and the increasing difficulty in replacing these parts, it is most likely more affordable to buy a used or refurbished device with a manufacturer's warranty, these services are no longer offered.

 -Replace Hard Drive. .25 hour = $10
 -Replace Optical Drive. .25 hour = $10
 -Replace Processor. .5 hours = $20
 -Replace Fan (Case, Processor). .25 hours = $10
 -Replace Power Supply. .25 hours = $10
 -Install Video Card/Modem/LAN/Controller Cards, includes drivers. .5 hours = $20
 -Install RAM. .25 hours = $10
 -Install external hardware (printers, smartphones, card readers, tablets, etc.). Existing hardware and cables need    to be brought in with the computer to be installed.
  .25 to .5 hours = $10 to $20
 -Install wireless router. .5 hours = $20
 -Physical Cleaning  (fans/heatsyncs/case/drives). .25 hours = $10
 -PC Checkup (Includes cleaning temp files and registry, scanning for viruses and spyware, and defragmentation). .5 hours = $20
 -Standalone Installation of Quality Free Antivirus software. .25 hour = $10
 -Installation of Quality Free Office Software Suite which is compatible with Microsoft Office. .5 hour = $20
 -Virus Removal varies. Usually at least 1 hour = $40
 -Fix Driver Issues. .5 hour = $20
 -Software Installation* (per title). .25 = $10
 -Install of Operating System* on new Hard Drive, No data backup. 1 hour = $40
 -Complete wipe of existing hard drive and install of Operating System*,
  No data backup. 1.5 hour = $60
 -Installation of Ubuntu Linux on new or existing hard drive (dual boot, or single boot)
  No data backup for new hard drives. 1 hour = $40
 -Data backup to your external or internal hard drive. .5 hour = $20
 -Data backup and restore using my storage, up to 1TB. .75 hour = $30

Minimum $20.00 Diagnostic Fee for checking out your equipment. If you have the work performed at Advanced Solutions In Technology, LLC This fee will deducted off of your balance if the cost of labor is at least $20.

All work is performed on a first come, first serve basis. You can pay a small fee of $10 to have your work expedited.

In house diagnostics and pickups are available at the regular labor rate per hour plus an additional $80 fee.  This includes pickup and delivery/setup of the hardware after it is repaired if needed.

Unscheduled after hours in house service, or emergency house calls will be billed at the regular labor rate per hour plus an additional $80 fee. This includes pickup and delivery/setup of the hardware after it is repaired if needed.

*See last paragraph on the Legal page located at

We look forward to serving you.

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